Sand Dredging and Reclamation

Brief Intro and Just Info,

Past Experience - About Marine Engineering and Construction Works. After that venturing and operate sea sand project in Indonesia, since 1992, also sand dredging and supplier - Project in Batam deepen the channel and later sand supply to Singapore's main contractors / developer, Pasir Panjang, Tuas, JTC, PSA, Changi and Pulau Seraya. Before, the import from Batam to Singapore. After few year later. Indonesia has banned sea sand export to its little small neighbor, after that the sea / river sand import from Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar from those countries, due to environment impact. 

Singapore strives the success due to comment and planning for future, It wants the new develop land for private and public housing estates and recreational facilities for its growing population as well as expanding commercial and industrial activities, include transport. The government's incessant sculpting has extended the coastline out to sea in the east, northeast and west, with coastal areas straightened by dykes. Offshore islands have grown. The province is the main source of sand used to produce land and cement for Singapore's and/or Asian construction sector and coastal reclamation projects.